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  • Danika Dairy
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Over the past years, DaniKa sal grew and industrialized rapidly to become one of the leading high quality dairy manufacturing plants in Lebanon, with its main production of white cheeses "Feta Type" in various sizes and shapes.
Our products are manufactured, packed and shipped from Lebanon to the whole Middle East & GCC Region.

Innovation and product research and development are key ingredients for our dairy plant endurance, performance, and growth.

Not to forget our dedicated, experienced, and hard-working production team, behind the insurance of high quality finished goods coming out from DaniKa to the market, and end consumers.

DaniKa Dairy is a part of the Kallassi Group professionally manufacturing various assortments of white cheeses, under the famous brand "KAVAL" and private labels.

Quality Control

  • Danika Dairy : ISO 22000:2005

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the quality of the food they eat.

To verify our product safety and quality and to enhance the trade opportunities in international markets, Danika management decided to implement a food safety management system compliant with ISO 22000 standard.

This international standard specifies requirements for a food safety management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure the food is safe at the time of human consumption.

Danika management realized the need for rigorous controls and proactive procedures that changes the company’s approach from a retroactive quality testing to a preventive way of thinking.

In January 2012, Danika has been assessed and certified for meeting the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 for manufacturing of white cheese in tins.

When it comes to the products we produce, their quality, safety and compliance is vital and uncompromising.

Mission & Vision

  • Danika Dairy Mission and Vision
  • Danika Dairy Mission and Vision
  • Danika Dairy Mission and Vision

Our dairy objective is to always meet the customers' expectations and needs for a uniform product quality.
The requirements of the customers change all the time; therefore, continuous development, adaptation of new products as well as sophisticated packaging techniques are needed.

We train and educate the personnel regularly, this is the reason why they are capable of implementing the international quality standards.

We always keep our promises to our customers by always delivering our products at the right time, at the right price and at the right place.

Our products' range is constantly expanding and many new products are being developed to satisfy market demands.

Packaging is available for both private and branded labels, catering and retail.

The flexible packaging systems ensure that the customers' specific needs are met and that the products are delivered in various sizes.

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